World Poker Tour
Today we have two types of poker games that are played in this world for centuries, and had found his place in this world only a few years ago. In poker, five cards are used in the game . The players have to go to a person who is the best combination of cards. Normally more than two players involved in poker. A player can bet or raise . Well, it allows us to discuss the history of poker before and after you move toward the history of online poker.

There have been various stories about the origin of the name of Poker. However , the origin is still unclear. Two main concepts are that this name came from a German or French Poque pochspiel game play. Some people believe that it originated from a Hindi word and some say they got evolved abracadabra term .

Bluffing is commonly used in the game of poker. A player who has a series of cards never expose his / her letters to all and aims to have different cards then he / she actually has . This is called a bluff. Although it is not a game of bluff is played poker , but usually games like bluff , are associated with poker .