Stud Poker Games
All bets or wagers are traditionally made in the form of cash, or even personal property . As the game matured, evolved representations denominated chips. A poker chip has a value only when it is in the game, otherwise it is just a piece of metal or plastic. When you win the game or feel that you want to leave the game, then all you have to do is take your chips to the cashier and exchange them for money.

In the traditional form of poker variant also hailed three cards are dealt to each player and each of the players are allowed to bet or fold one . This game was not a bet that has been agreed and after the first few episodes of the players , each player in turn is betting the same amount as the previous bet or fold. When there are only two players remaining level or able to "see " the stake and there is a projection of cards. The pot goes to the highest hand and the game begins again.

This variant is played not as popular as before because of the more complex versions that have emerged. This version has become very popular online game knight - Three Card Brag .