Ace Games
Many players have a tendency to play this hand in early position , with the existence of a pair of hands capable of mastering these cards . While it has the advantage of high cards do not have the advantage of being the two highest cards in poker, but still has a number of hands that are more likely to overcome. You want to stay away from AA and AK, as the percentage of winning a hand against these hands are low.

The best hand you could expect would be a straight flush , the worst part is the highest card . More than likely you will reach a ladder, or perhaps a pair with a good kicker . Rarely full, but it happens. Be careful when you play a high torque , as it may be missing a huge stack of chips a player in late position who is in possession of AK .

The increase in this hand before the flop in late position is advisable, as it is considered a strong hand. Presumably, if a failure proves to be useful for this collection by hand is needed to be portrayed as an aggressive player , and put the odds in your favor at hand .